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A bit about FikaEvents...

Hello! I'm Catrin, the owner and founder of FIKA Events. Originally from Wales in the UK, I am passionate about planning, organizing, events, weddings and anything that involves a good party! 

Leaving the hustle and bustle of a very intense TV & film career in the UK where I was a Production Manager for a BAFTA award winning Wedding planning TV Show - moving to New Zealand was the kick up the bum I needed to set up my own Event & Wedding planning business.


Coordination and managing is my thing! I am organised, I love lists, I am passionate, I am emotional and I am BBC trained to create schedules and organise well... anything that you can throw at me! If that doesn't convince you... then you need to speak to my fiance ha!


FIKA - Making sure that you can take that moment in your special day to absorb and be present with your friends, family and loved ones, that's what a Fika moment is, it's the heart of all events, and one I am here to get for you. 

With my expert planning skills, you can sleep easy knowing that your event is in good hands, I will hold your hand towards the aisle,

and we will have FUN doing it! 

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your ideas for your big day! 

My emails are always open for a chat.. and a cheeky glass of wine when we meet!

Lots of love




What is Fika?

"A moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life" 

'To Fika' in Sweden is to take a moment out of your day to sit down with a good friend, loved one or colleague and talk, embrace, and be present. It is a common daily occurrence in offices, to take a coffee break with your colleagues and enjoy a piece of cake. (Something that I take seriously here at my office.. who doesn't love an afternoon slab of cake?) 

I believe in creating those moments in your event... where you can sit and take in all that's happening around you. A moment to fully take in those precious memories.

Your aunt and her crazy moves on the dance floor.

Your parents dancing and laughing together.

Your best friends singing and dancing together like nobody is watching.

Your colleagues all enjoying and forgetting their daily work stresses.

Taking that short moment to embrace all that is happening around you is what I call #myfikamoment.. and something I want you to experience in your special event, you deserve this, so take that Fika moment and embrace it! 


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