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How to MC a wedding....

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

One of the most important tasks you can be asked to do at a wedding is becoming an MC (Master of the Ceremony)

So you've been asked to be a MC at a wedding, yipee! What a great honour!

As an MC you should be familiar with all the ceremony & reception schedule for the day (keeping a copy or a rough schedule in your pocket is always handy!). It's important that you make sure the day is running on time.

You should know who the go to people are in the wedding, so the photographer, caterer, venue manager, just incase any issue or questions should arise, and you are needing some assistance.

Here are a few tips on your duties as an MC throughout the day...

  1. Arriving a bit early so you can make sure there is a microphone and everything you need to help you be the best MC! Also if you haven't attended the rehearsal or visited the venue before now is a good time to find out where the toilets are, exits, smoking area, parking etc...

  2. Gather groups of guests for wedding photos.

  3. Open the wedding reception by welcoming the wedding guests.

  4. Introduce yourself as the Wedding Master of Ceremonies for the reception. Inform guests of fire exits, facilities, other housekeeping matters, and flow of the evening, the venue manager can give you a list of notes to pass on.

  5. Create an atmosphere of anticipation and announce the entrance of the newlyweds.

  6. Prepare and introduce each wedding guest before they give their wedding speech or wedding toast.

  7. Read messages of congratulations from friends and relatives who were unable to attend the wedding.

  8. Announce the cutting of the cake.

  9. Announce the first dance by the bride and groom and invite them to take to the dance floor.

  10. Inform the wedding guests that the bride and groom will be leaving the reception shortly, also announce that the bar is on last orders.... Nobody wants to miss that!

  11. Announce plans for next day, lunch, casual drinks etc... – if any. Time, location, what to do/bring (if anything) etc. A map to give people is often handy if the location for the event is out of town, or you have out of town guests.

  12. Officially end the wedding reception, thanking the guests for attending, and wishing them a safe trip home.

Being asked to be an MC is a great and fun honour. While it can be nerve-wracking to know two people have asked you to make their wedding special, you will be fine. After all, they wouldn’t have asked you if they didn’t trust you to do an awesome job!

I am always here for a chat if you want to discuss anything related to your wedding... just send me an email and we can discuss all your dreams! Or forward this on to your MC for some tips!

Lots of love,



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